Welcome to ESC in Context!

Hey there! Welcome to ESC in Context!

Our goal is to go beyond the reactions and rankings and explore the stories and broader perspectives that exist beyond the live shows. We hope you stay a while, as we open up our virtual pages to a diverse set of Eurovision fans from around the world to tell the stories that have gone untold until now. You’ll find everything from deep dives on certain aspects of the show, personal essays on what the contest means to people, and how Eurovision fits into the world at large.

To do this, we want and encourage your participation! If you have a cool idea that you either want to find a home for or need some extra hands to bring to reality, we’re here with a multilingual team of editors and contributors to amplify your voice.

For more on our values and to meet our core team, feel free to check out our About page or our Contribute page if you’re interested in joining us.