Mission Statement

We all love Eurovision song reactions and rankings and juries, but we also noticed there wasn’t a lot of content out there putting the contest in context. We wanted deep dives into Eurovision-related topics, analyses that go beyond how well each country’s going to do, and new, diverse perspectives on the ESC. 

Thus ESC in Context was born. This is a space for content that draws on unique and diverse perspectives that will help us better understand the Eurovision Song Contest and its place in the world, built on the following ideas:

Creating a Space for Exploration

ESC in Context is a space where we want to explore topics around the Eurovision Song Contest that no one is really talking about. This can be anything from deep dives into an aspect of the contest, to analyses of how Eurovision fits into the wider world, to personal essays about how Eurovision has changed peoples’ lives. The topics we cover will go beyond just reporting and reacting, with the goal of broadening our understanding of the ESC and what makes it so special.

For anyone looking to do research on the ESC, we’ve also created a Resource Hub that includes datasets and academic works relating to the contest in the hopes that it will help both us and aspiring (or established!) writers and academics create more thoughtful and exciting Eurovision content in the future!

Amplifying New and Diverse Perspectives

There aren’t many people out there for whom Eurovision is their whole life. A lot of us have other expertise or life experiences that give us unique perspectives on the contest that offer new frames of reference for understanding the ESC. With that in mind, we invite you–nay, challenge you–to share those perspectives with the wider Eurovision community. That’s what this space is for.

But also, for a host of reasons, a lot of content out there comes from an anglophone perspective. We want to amplify local perspectives from around Europe and the world and hear about what the contests, the national selections, and the chosen acts mean to local fans and their countries. We want to find those voices that aren’t being heard and give them a platform to share their unique views with the wider Eurovision community, for everybody’s benefit.

Offering Opportunity

There are a lot of ideas out there and not a lot of platforms that will publish them. We’re creating a space for aspiring thinkers, writers, journalists, content creators, analysts, or even just one-time contributors to bring their ideas to a wider audience and be heard. 

But we also understand that putting yourself out there can be scary. That’s why our multilingual team of editors and contributors is here to help you flesh out those brilliant ideas into a piece we can publish, even if (especially if!) English isn’t your first language. 

Living Up to Our Values

As fans from multiple countries, we have seen the way that the Eurovision Song Contest has brought together nations in a way that promotes peace and fosters cultural exchange. (Just look at us!) And because we love the contest, we will celebrate when those ideals are exemplified but are also committed to challenging delegations, fans, artists, and the European Broadcasting Union when they act in ways which are antithetical to the principles on which this contest was founded.

We want to hear what you’ve got to say! For more details on how to contribute or how we can help you out get your ideas published, click here.

Meet the Team!

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Contributor, Editor, Admin


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