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We’re looking for thoughtful, informative, and interesting pieces exploring any aspect of and around the Eurovision Song Contest. Types of content include (but are not limited to):

  • Well-researched deep dives into Eurovision-adjacent topics
  • Analyses of Eurovision in the context of the wider world (history, politics, global trends, etc.)
  • Local perspectives on the contest, national finals, or country representatives
  • Personal stories of what Eurovision means to you or how it has affected your life
  • Perspectives on the contest from outside of Europe
  • Unique looks at the songs and entries themselves (through a musical lens, for example)
  • In-depth interviews with people we might not hear from otherwise (songwriters, academics, public officials, etc.)

There are no limitations on length, style, or tone. We just ask that your piece be accessible, well-argued, and focused on your topic of choice. Pieces that rely on factual evidence or draw on the opinions of others must be well-sourced (links to the original content are sufficient). All content must be original and cannot have already been published elsewhere.

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If you have an idea or a rough draft and want some help fleshing it out or paring it down, keep reading!

Editorial Help: If you have a draft or even just an idea you want to explore, let us know! One of our editors can help you turn that idea into a piece we can publish here on ESC in Context. 

And if you have a good idea but don’t want to or have the time to write a piece, send it our way anyway and maybe one of our regular contributors can run with it!

Resource Hub: We’ve compiled all of the Eurovision-related resources we could find online, including academic articles, datasets, and other content, to help you explore what’s already out there. We hope it will help inform your ideas and inspire future research that will help us achieve our mission of furthering our collective understanding of the contest. We hope you’ll take advantage of the resource hub and maybe even help us expand it!

Translation Services: We’ve got a lot of languages on our team, so if you don’t feel confident writing in English, send us your piece in your native language and we can work with you to translate it for publication. We can also publish the original piece alongside the English version. 

As of right now, we are able to translate from Spanish, French, Dutch, and Russian. For any other languages, we can search our networks for someone willing and able to translate for us at no cost, though we cannot guarantee we’ll be able to find someone.

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